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Picking a Paper Backdrop Color for Portrait Photography

Choosing a backdrop for a photoshoot is serious business. While a seamless paper background is only one color, the color you choose will affect your final product positively or negatively.

Different colors not only evoke different moods, but also different personalities. When the right color is selected for an object, the subject appears as if it is floating in its natural habitat. 

The personality of the object and color blends seamlessly together as if the two simply belong together. You can also find a variety of paper backdrops in Sydney at 

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The most common seamless background color is white. Often chosen because it has an airy or clean impression and looks clean. Because it displays light so well, using white as a background is a fabulous way to isolate a subject and make it glow. 


Black is also a very versatile color that goes well with almost any theme, but instead of evoking a clean and pure feeling, the black background tells a completely different story. Against a black background, whatever you shoot has a sense of mystery or even danger. 


Chocolate is also often chosen as a backdrop because of its vague nature. The colors themselves go well with almost anything, although you should pay attention to the mood these colors emit. 


Gray is a color that is also chosen because of its neutrality. It can be combined with light colors and pastel tones and, like white, allows a lot of flexibility in lighting. 


While black and white and a variety of vague colors are safe choices for a seamless paper background, some people prefer less pizza. In this case, lighter, bolder colors could be a perfect choice.

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