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How To Know If You Have Installed Infant Car Seat Correctly?

If you are looking for an answer to this question, then you are a concerned parent who wants nothing but the best for your child. Research shows that around 85% of convertible car seats are not installed properly. Of all the problems, the inability of people to snugly fit the seat in the vehicle is perhaps the most common. The seat should not move back and forth or sidewise more than an inch. Besides that, people don’t attach the harness properly, as a result, the harness becomes loose or twisted. Along with that, the chest clips won’t be in the right position, i.e., parallel to the child’s armpit.

Using the convertible car seat in a forward-facing position soon after installing it is also not a good thing to do. Your baby needs to ride rear-facing in the back seat until he/she is at least 2-year old or exceeds the height and weight of the car seat. The list of 10 best convertible car seat consumer reports includes car seats, which can withstand weight up to 36 lbs. Even the latch system is not foolproof, as it is not compatible with certain vehicles. You should go through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to find out more about how to install a convertible car seat in the most suitable way.

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