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Desserts Around the World

Desserts are unique in that they are different around the world. From cookies to cakes to pies, these sugary treats are beloved by many throughout the world.

No matter which country, you'll find desserts, but each country has a unique dessert. It is fun to see the delicious dessert recipes from all over the world. Choco lava cake is a very delicious dessert. You can also check out the longhorn steakhouse prices online for choco lava cake.

In the United States, apple pie is known as the most traditional American dessert. Already a symbol of American culture as much as baseball has. Apple pie can be made in many different ways, sometimes with cinnamon or nutmeg inside. 

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Apple pie did not originate in the United States, they actually came from the pilgrims who came from England. They are made with egg, chocolate, and, of course, a lot of sugar. When they add the Grand Marnier, it adds a citrus flavor to the dish.

Gelato is a unique frozen treat from Italy. It was made in a different way than ice cream because they use milk instead of cream to make it. It is also thicker and stronger than ice cream because it contains less air.

Canada gave us maple taffy with the sweet treats made with snow and maple syrup. dessert recipes like this one created when hot maple syrup poured into the snow, hardened. Then it is placed on a stick and eaten like suckers.

A delicious dish of Poland called babka. These sweet cakes often contain raisins or fruit. In Egypt, they enjoy Basbousa, which is a fruit cake made with whipped cream and lime curd mixed together. Niger makes a delicious treat that is very much like rice pudding.

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