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Caring For The Feet – Best Practice For Diabetics

It is a frequent complication of diabetes an infection starts in a foot and amputation becomes the sole solution. There are a few timely strategies diabetics can opt to improve their odds of keeping their feet healthy and avoiding this complication.

Preventing hyperglycemia or high blood glucose levels would be to prevent the most severe diabetes complications such as those that could result in the loss of a limb.  More information about foot wound care is also available at hyper heal

foot wound care

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The consequences of diabetes, high blood glucose keeps the blood from flowing effectively to the tissue in the feet. This means that wounds and blisters on the foot are simply unable to cure and, untreated, they turn gangrenous. 

Foot Care Best Practice

• step one toward healthy toes is to wash them in warm water every day. Soaking is outside – that may result in soft breakage and skin. Drying them carefully is important, particularly between the toes, to avoid any rubbing or breakdown.

• Daily foot inspections should be performed to look for red spots, open wounds, punctures, lesions, cuts, scratches, lacerations, and bruises. 

A foot care plan is an essential element of an overall diabetes treatment plan. If a diabetic fails his feet, it can result in wounds, ulcers, diseases, and the risk of amputation.

A daily routine of maintenance, such as daily inspection and careful selection of shoes, can help individuals with diabetes decrease the risk of irreparable harm to the feet.

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