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Black Truffle Sea Salt and Olive Oil Gelato

Sea Salt and Black Truffle are both delicious and unique products that have been known for centuries. There are many recipes when it comes to sea salt, but not many people are aware of Black Truffle. This product is used in many different styles of cooking and baking recipes around the world. If you are looking for a unique and tasty seasoning that has a slight bit of an intense mushroom flavor, then you will definitely want to consider this product.

Black Truffle Sea Salt comes from the earthy flavors of the Black mushroom in France. It is considered to be a luxury ingredient by many because of its ability to bring out the natural flavors of the food. In fact, many of the recipes and dishes that people prepare have black truffle sea salt as the main ingredient. Even though black truffle sea salt is generally the most expensive, it is among the highest selling fine sea salts on the market.

Many people who enjoy truffles find that using black truffle salt is much more affordable than purchasing the truffles separately. Since they are able to purchase it at a cheaper cost, it makes the price more affordable and easier to fit into your holiday budget. Not only do you get a better taste from this type of salt, but you also have the option of purchasing in large containers, allowing you to store several truffles throughout the year. This way you don't have to keep track of what you have next in your kitchen spice cabinet. You are sure to get the truffles you crave with this great alternative.

The earthy flavor of black truffles is very well-suited for spicy and exotic dishes. They pair very well with casseroles, stews, and even chili. You can also sprinkle them on top of baked potatoes au gratin to add a bit of charmeuse to the meal. Their earthy flavors will also blend well with most cheeses.

Sprinkle black truffle salt onto pasta dishes after the pasta has finished cooking. As the pasta cooks, its shape can become crunchy. When this happens, the pasta becomes very moist and when this happens, the herbs and spices will mingle with the pasta, creating a delicious creamy sauce. To make this sauce, simply combine one tablespoon of dried sage leaves, one tablespoon of butter, two eggs, one tablespoon of milk, and two tablespoons of flour. Start by melting the butter over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the butter is totally melted and smooth.

After the sauce is blended, add the sage leaves and the cream cheese. Stir constantly until the ingredients are completely blended. Then drop the pasta into a large bowl and add the milk and egg. Stir to combine. Cover the pasta with the sauce and let it rest for about fifteen minutes so the cream cheese and the vegetables will begin to the mixture.

When the pasta is ready, sprinkle it with black salt and let sit for another five minutes. This allows the salt and the flavor to meld properly. After that, fold four pieces of the pasta over each piece of black salt, forming a ring of pasta. Then, sprinkle the tops with additional black salt and let sit for another five minutes.

This dish is absolutely beautiful. The combination of black truffle salt and olive oil is simply divine. If you are looking for a dish that you can make all on your own, you can do a lot worse than experimenting with this recipe. It's a sure way to impress your friends and family.

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