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All About the Perimeter Drainage System

Perimeter drains are something all homes have and are designed to prevent water from entering your basement. It is designed to draw water into the ground that has accumulated from heavy rain, melting snow, or rising groundwater. It then diverts water away from your home, making it less likely to seep into the basement walls.

Here are some problems with perimeter drains.

Clogged Perimeter

Over time, the surrounding ditch can become clogged with dirt, roots, or other debris, and then be unable to drain water from your home. If the gutter gets clogged all around, water can seep into your concrete basement walls because there's no other way. Concrete is not impermeable to water, so it is very important that water does not run through it. So, it is recommended to hire a professional to clean perimeter drains. You can also click here to hire a drain cleaning contractor.

Deteriorating Tiles

Older homes sometimes have clay or concrete tiles, which tend to deteriorate, crumble, and become clogged with dirt and roots as they age. You may need to replace the entire system with modern plastic tiles, or in some cases simply replace the damaged area.


If the tiles are clogged but not crumbling, you may be able to clean the system. A professional can dig access points around basement walls to access and clean drains. Some older drain pipes have internal protrusions that make cleaning impossible. They may need to be replaced.

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