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All about Current Mobile Application Development Technologies

In terms of technologies for mobile apps, the list is long and depends on which platform you choose to target. Among the most commonly used programming languages for mobile applications are Java, Objective C, and C++. Each of the major platforms has a specific Software Development kit, with its own tools to help with the design, testing, debugging, and deployment.

The complexity of mobile application development is such that targeting even a single platform involves extensive testing. For your business app development , you can also look for the Professional Mobile App Development Services in the UK.

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Aside from targeting specific mobile platforms through software and Web development, there are additional ways to exploit mobile contexts for some business processes – SMS is one such case. In this model, services are delivered as SMS text messages.

About Android

Google's Android operating system is going from strength to strength at the moment. Having initially been seen as a platform of interest mainly to geeks, Android now occupies around a third of the smartphone market share.

In terms of users and applications, Android has, in the past, been seen by many as more focused on consumer services than enterprise use when compared with Apple and RIM, but there is some evidence that this is changing.

About iPhone

The iPhone was of course in a dominant position as the advance of the smartphone took shape, and the platform is still in a very powerful place.

Although business users naturally tended toward Blackberry in the past, both iPhone and Android have continued to make considerable headway for enterprise as well as consumer use, while Blackberry has started catering more to consumer use as well.


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