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What Services Can Notaries Charge for?

Notaries in many states are required to keep a log of all notarial acts. Anybody in the public can request a copy of the journal entries provided they include specific information. Oaths or affirmations are part of a jurat form, such as an affidavit. 

However, they can also be used independently of any notarial paperwork. If applicable, the notary may charge for each affirmation or oath administered to each document. You can now find the best Florida remote online notarization via

What Does A Notary Public Do? -

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Travel. A notary may not charge additional fees for traveling to their office or home. Travel time may be charged if a notary meets you in person or travels to your home. There are not many regulations in most states regarding travel fees. 

However, the notary and signer must agree on the charges. Ask the notary for the exact charge. Most notaries will charge per mile, sometimes with a minimum amount. With Mapquest and other programs, it shouldn't be difficult to determine the exact charges.

Presentation of Documents. Often, a title insurer, lender or escrow company will employ a notary public in order to present and collect signatures on various real estate documents. The notary will be paid, usually through a loan signing company, for notarizations and the presentation of other documents. Good consumers will be able to ask questions and fully understand the charges before signing for a notary.

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