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What If The Home Inspection Reveals A Serious Flaw?

If the inspection reveals a serious flaw in the house (we define serious defects as something that would cost more than 2% of the purchase price to improve) then pat yourself on the back for an evaluation. You just saved yourself a lot of money.

Of course disappointing, even heartbreaking, to know that your house is well researched now house a problem, but now you know the facts and can either negotiate with the seller or moved. If you want to hire a professional and experienced home inspector then you can choose Monsivais Inspections for the home inspection.

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You may want the house so much that it would be feasible to negotiate a price and then make improvements. Imagine, though, if you do not get a check you will have some very pleasant surprises.

Can I request my home inspector to make improvements? You can, but if you are an ethical inspector, he/she will be refused, and correctly so; it is a conflict of interest for those who inspected your home to also fix.

Inspectors specifically prohibited this practice by licensing authorities, and it is a good practice – inspectors must remain completely impartial when he inspects your home. This is one reason you should have a professional home inspector to inspect your home and not the contractor.

The contractor will want the repair work and you may not have the purpose of inspection of these people even though they mean well and are technically competent.

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