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Tips For Landlords To Get More Organized

It can be difficult to recall who your tenants are, what is their tenancy period, and when you should renew your insurance or safety certificate. This becomes even more difficult when there are multiple rental units. 

A landlord's rent manager makes it easy to track your property loans, debt ratios, and arrears. Tenants will also be able to pay your rent online.

Landlord's Rent Manager is a smarter way to manage your rental income, property maintenance expenses and to avoid making mistakes in the future. This software will notify you when your tenancy agreement is due to expire. 

This will automatically update your tenancy renewal information so you don't lose any money. It can also increase your annual rent. You will not get the extra income from a renewed tenancy if you miss out on renewing it. Installments will be higher if you miss out on your property insurance policies or mortgage payments.

You can easily track your property loans, mortgages, and other finances. A software program that will alert you to rent defaulters and keep you informed about the expiry dates of safety certificates can be installed. This will display graphically your equity and debt ratios, as well as the returns on the buy-to-let property.

You can also use the currency change option to create an account for overseas property. You can easily manage your rental account abroad by choosing the currency appropriate to that country.

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