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Things You Should Look For In Android Phone

Android phones are loved by all. While Apple fans may claim that iOS is the operating system friendly to use than Android, there is no doubt that Android smartphone has an aura of its own

Let us think this way. Even a decade back, no Android phones. However, today everyone loved having a touch screen phone. This is the reason we see a number of smartphone manufacturers are coming out with a smartphone which features the Android OS. One can get to know about excellent android apps through an online search.

Here are 7 things you should definitely keep in mind before deciding which Android smartphone to buy.

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1. Design: You want your phone to look good. It should be worth pointing around at a party. But along with that, you do not want to be too fragile to handle.

2. Battery: The main problem with mobile phones today is the poor battery life. It takes a full night to get the cost and almost 4 hours of death. You can always think to buy an external battery charger. However, the expense of having one added to your bill. 3. Camera: For most people, more megapixels means a better smartphone. Who does not want a good picture? However, do not just look for the number of megapixels on offer but the quality of the lens and not just the amount of megapixels determines the quality of the image.

4. Expandable Storage: Some phones do not allow you to expand the storage capacity. So if you have an internal capacity of 16 GB, you can not even add more storage if you need it. Most of us use 16 GB for music. You need at least 32 GB of storage for storing music and games.

5. OS Version: Android OS complex name.

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