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The Famous Paranormal Stories

While many stories of paranormal decorated and expanded over the years – the product of rumor and report, no doubt there are a number of stories which can be evidenced by newspaper stories, historical artifacts, and witnesses.

To become a particularly famous ghost story, the story must include a known violent history, paranormal activity is repeated, direct contact with visitors and extreme actions. You may know the interesting true paranormal stories via the online source.

true paranormal stories

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A number of books have been written about this famous haunt, but nothing beats a hair-raising tour of places like the Winchester mystery house, Gettysburg or Alcatraz, which may have encountered his own personal paranormal sightings.

The brown lady of Raynham hall is a famous story for this particular sighting that has been so reliably photographed. While he has not made an appearance since 1936, many witnesses reported seeing visions of a woman in a long brown robe or gown.

In the early 1800s, King George IV said he saw a woman with dirty hair in a brown dress standing over her bed. Then, a guest house in 1835, Colonel Loftus, reported that he saw a woman wearing a brown satin dress with empty eye sockets.

Captain Frederick Marryat slept in the haunted room hoping to catch a glimpse but surprisingly encountered her carrying a lantern down an upstairs hallway.

Two small children reported seeing her in 1926 and a famous photograph caught on camera in 1936, when Captain Provand and Indre Shira were taking photos of the staircase for country life magazine. 

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