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Detonation – The Single Biggest Barrier To Subaru High Performance Tuning

Without a doubt the biggest barrier to high-performance tuning detonation. Also known as knocking, pre-ignition, pinking or pinging, these are all words that describe the condition of the engine is very serious. You can get to know more about Subaru WRX 0-60 via searching online.

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Detonation describes a situation where there is an increase in sudden and uncontrolled combustion pressure inside the cylinder and can take the form of:

– The fuel/air mixture is turned off too early in the cycle of the engine with more advanced ignition timing.

– Fuel with too low an octane rating costs cause spontaneous ignition of the fuel/air before spark plugs will usually start the burning process.

– Temperature and pressure cause’s excessive fees cost spontaneous ignition fuel/air before spark plugs will usually start the burning process.

– After the spark burning fuel-air charge and began to burn, the second unplanned ignition of the cost of the fuel/air occurs simultaneously in other areas of the combustion chamber.

With the first two blasting easily corrected by adjusting the engine mapping and fuel quality were better respectively. The last two are a tough nut to crack, and eventually much more dangerous to the health of the machine. Whenever two competing flame front in the combustion chamber shape, the point where they collide causing a great local increase in combustion pressure.

It produces both rattling noise and mechanical damage associated with detonation. Increased local pressure is acting like a drill to produce not only the burden of a big surprise but also a large increase in heat is focused on the local area.

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