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GMC Sierra Multipro Tailgate- New Innovation

One of the most attractive characteristics of the new-generation GMC Sierra is the available MultiPro tailgate. There are plenty of powerful and capable trucks out there, but you've never seen anything like this! 

GMC’s MultiPro Tailgate – a world's first – can be moved to different positions for different purposes. You can also know more about multi-Pro tailgate through various online sources.

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Like some of your favorite and most valuable tools, GMC’s MultiPro Tailgate has tons of features to support you get the job done.

The MultiPro Tailgate has a built-in internal door that can be adjusted independently from the larger main door. While you’ve got the tailgate open, lower the inner gate down out of your way.  You can now get closer and reach further to your GMC Sierra bed.

The inner panel is removable, making the inner door into a 48” wide step. The fully functional step is powerful enough to accommodate most adults. Steadily step up into the bed of your GMC multipro tailgate no matter where you happen to park.

The inner panel can also serve as a load stopper. When the tailgate is lowered to its normal position, the inner panel then opens to stand upright. An emergency barrier will help you keep your cargo safe in your GMC Sierra bed.

GMC Multipro Tailgate Functionality And Specifications

The GMC Multipro tailgate allows six handy functions to help the driver get the most out of their pickup. To reduce effort and maximize performance, GMC introduced this innovative, high-tech approach to the tailgate. You can also visit this site to know more about the functionality of the GMC multipro tailgate.

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The six features include main gate, easy access, primate gate loading stop, full-width step, inner gate loading stop, and work surface inner gate.

Main gate

You can open the main gate by utilizing the key fob’s power release.  You can also do this from inside the truck or via the button on the gate itself.

Stop load main gate

When the main gate is open, load stop help prevents things from sliding out of the box, so your gear is safe and your day goes smoothly.

Easy access

This feature allows the gate to collapse for easy access to the box, increasing the speed and maneuverability with which the driver can load and unload boxes.

Full-width step

The inner grille of the loading area can be folded in one big step, which makes getting in and out easier. This step will take up to 375 pounds.

Stop the load on the inner gate

The inner gate contains a load limiter that prevents items in the second row from sliding out of the box.

Inner door with work surface

You can expand the functionality of your cargo area by using the internal gat's work surface.

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