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The Importance of Sustainability Measures For Seafood

Many people have heard about sustainable seafood, but not nearly as many really know how or why sustainability is so important when it comes to the seafood industry. 

Consumers may specifically choose seafood because they know it is guaranteed fresh, wild caught and sustainable, or simply because they prefer the look, taste, and texture of the available products. You can also taste best quality seafood in seafood restaurant in Sydney.

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Sometimes doing the right thing for the environment can be rewarding and delicious too. Sustainable seafood is no health food or organic craze or trend, but a way of managing fisheries that has been in place for decades.

Maintaining sustainable seafood is a team effort, from the biologists that study the actual seafood species, to the fisheries which must record catch data, to the politicians that keep sustainability laws in place, to the seafood lovers like you who pick fresh sustainable products.

As such, fisheries are considered a model for the rest of the world to work towards when it comes to sustainability of natural resources in general, but especially when it comes to the seafood industry.

One example of a highly effective measure is the placement of an independent scientific observer on each fishing vessel for fisheries of certain species to record catch data and other vital statistics.

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