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All About Types Of Search Filters

While browsing through your Shopify shop, your customers may spend a significant amount of time looking through your catalog in search of the appropriate product. This can be particularly a time-consuming task when your catalog of products is extensive. Here we discuss details about the product filter and search filter you need to set up your store. Product Filter App improves the customer experience while doing shopping from your site.

product filter app shopify

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What are Product Search Filters?

Product Search Filters enable customers to narrow their search for a specific product using information such as size, color, ¬†reviews, etc. This helps shoppers locate exactly what they’re searching for without having to spend long hours looking.

Search Filters Types You’ll Need to Setup

There are kinds of search filters that you can include in your store’s search.

Product Type Filter

There are bound to be different types of items in the Shopify store. Customers can search for products according to their category using the filter by type.

Color Filter

A majority of consumers are influenced by the color they would like to see on a product they wish to own. You can accommodate the preferences of your customers by setting a color filter.

Customers can filter their purchases based on their color with the filter for color. You can give personalized experience to your customers. Customers can add multiple filters with color filter to get their desired color product they are looking for.

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