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3 Questions to Ask London Private Tutors

The tutoring concept has become most popular in recent trends. Before a decade students go to public schools and learn lessons; if they face difficulties in understanding any subject they ask teachers in public schools to help with the subject. Students need to learn lessons only through public schools' teachings without any other options. 

But now one-on-one tutoring, online tutoring paves way for students to learn subjects in their own style. Check this link right here now to hire the best online tutoring for secondary school students.

online tuition lessons

On that note, parents should know and follow certain strategies while hiring private tutors. Here, we shall discuss the top 3 questions that every parent should ask private tutors while hiring them to teach for their children.

  • What Is Your Qualification/Experience?

As parents, we are more concerned about our child's education and the marks they score in exams. Personal tutors should definitely be eligible persons to tutor our child. The tutor should be qualified (completed UG or PG) and should be certified to take a particular subject. For instance, if you need a science tutor to teach your son then verify whether the tutor is certified to take science subjects.

  • What Is Your Time Schedule To Tutor My Child?

Discuss the timings for tutoring classes. You can ask for preferable timings and fix it before starting the introduction class. Fix the timings that are flexible for you as well as for private tutors. Also, make sure how many tutoring classes will be handled per week. It is not compulsory to take tutoring sections only in your home. If the tutor is near your office or library, arrange for classes there. This will avoid long hours of journey.

  • How Much Do You Charge Per Hour?

The cost of tutoring may vary depending on subjects, travel distance and also experience of tutors. For instance, math tutors with one year of experience will charge $35 per hour but freshers will charge $20. Clarify with the tutor on the amount of tutoring per hour on a weekly basis.

Nowadays the attraction of searching for tuition services online is increasing. You can appoint a private tutor for your children according to their requirements from home and review their credentials and experience before doing so. Hire a tutor who has appropriate knowledge of the subject to get the desired results.

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