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Top 5 Reasons To Buy An Electric Toothbrush

1. They clean your teeth more thoroughly

Electric toothbrushes are much better than manual brushes when it comes to cleaning teeth. The electric version's purring bristles remove plaque better and faster, for starters. Their more advanced designs allow them to reach hard-to-clean areas, like the backs of gum line, thus preventing cavities and gingivitis. It is therefore not surprising that well-known dental associations and journals support the use of electric toothbrushes.

But don't just listen to the sages of dental journals. Ordinary people are also big fans of electric toothbrushes. In a survey of 16,000 patients published by the American Dental Association (ADA), more than 80% of respondents said they improved their oral hygiene after replacing their manual toothbrush with an electric version.

2. They prevent you from brushing your teeth too hard

It's ironic: you try so hard to clean your teeth that you end up brushing too hard. More often than not, this means injuring your gums, or even causing gum recession (and gum tissue never grows back). Brushing too vigorously can get rid of the enamel from the surface of the teeth, causing sensitivity to heat, cold and other stimuli.

One of the main advantages of electric toothbrushes is that it's virtually impossible to brush your teeth too hard with them, because you really don't have to. If you are using an electric toothbrush, then all you need to do is hold the brush and let the movable bristles of the brush do the work. You reposition the brush on different parts of your mouth, but you're not supposed to vigorously move the brush back and forth, and you shouldn't exert any pressure.

3. People with dexterity issues can use an electric toothbrush easily

Generally, the large handle of an electric toothbrush is easier to grip than a traditional toothbrush.

According to recent studies, people with physical conditions (such as arthritis, limited hand or arm mobility, or manual dexterity issues) that make it difficult to use a manual toothbrush should consider use an electric toothbrush. Why? Electric toothbrushes have wider handles, which are easier to grip. Plus, their motorized brushes do the cleaning for you, especially in hard-to-reach areas that require fine motor skills, like the backs of molars and behind upper and lower front teeth.

4. They have built-in timers so you can brush your teeth for as long as you need

Did you know that you are supposed to brush your teeth for at least two minutes at a time, spending at least 30 seconds in each of the four quadrants of your mouth (upper right and left sides and lower right and left sides)? You probably think you can easily brush your teeth in that amount of time, but if you time yourself, you might be quite surprised at how little time you actually spend brushing your teeth.

One of the most useful features of electric toothbrushes is that most of them come with a timer that beeps after two minutes. If you didn't hear the beep, keep brushing your teeth! Others additionally beep after 30 seconds, so you know that you need to move to other parts of your mouth.

Do not rub the hairs:

Before buying your new electric toothbrush, you can check out reviews of best electric toothbrush by consumer reports. Doing this will help you buy the right product that will ensure perfect oral health.

5. They are more eco-friendly

You will just have to throw away the replaceable brush heads.

Whether electric toothbrushes are more eco-friendly than manual toothbrushes is a matter of debate. Those who answer in the affirmative point out that one would have to go through a lot of “regular” toothbrushes (whose heads are not recyclable) before getting rid of an electric toothbrush, most of which make use of replaceable heads.

In fact, according to environmental experts, the amount of plastic used in a manual toothbrush is exactly the same as that of around 30 toothbrush replacement heads.

Of course, you end up throwing away your electric toothbrush body, because at some point it stops taking and holding a charge. Yet many people believe that electric toothbrushes are more environmentally friendly.

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