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How Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Therapy Can Be Effective?

 Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is generally used to enhance muscle size as well as its activity and helps to increase blood flow. This therapy uses a device such as EMS machines that send electrical signals to the nerves that cause the contraction of the muscles.

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EMS machines are used for a variety of purposes. As a strength training device, EMS is used by sportspeople during their professional lives. It not only enhances the self-confidence of the sportsman but also prepares them to prepare for the upcoming sports event by toning up the muscle groups.

One of the largest areas where EMS is being used highly efficiently is therapeutic. For instance, in infants with nerve injuries like Erb's paralysis or klumpke's paralysis. The electrical muscle stimulator helps regeneration of nerves and builds muscle strength so that the arm can be raised or bent actively by the infant. In adults, whenever there is a nerve injury like radial nerve palsy or foot drop, or facial paralysis the stimulator works as a re-education device and educates the muscle about its function and desired time to contract or relax.

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