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Advantages Of Data Center Colocation

In today's highly competitive environment, any business small, medium, or large can succeed only if it manages business continuity, which in turn, depends mostly on the automated processing systems data.

A colocation service provider in Baltimore gives facilities where the servers and other computer equipment belonging to different companies share space. The equipment of each company is physically secured in a wire cage or cabinet with high security locking systems.


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Benefits of colocation

Financial Earnings: Small businesses have much to gain by opting for colocation. On one hand, there is a huge amount of money to be saved (between 25% -75%) on infrastructure, technology, and human resources.

Better Connectivity: Obtaining and managing a T1 line or a fiber optic line to connect your networks is an expensive proposition. Also, if your ISP is proving to be unreliable, you could lose valuable business.

Easy disaster recovery: Data centers also create emergency recovery sites. If problems with the main server, the entire network automatically switches to a mirror site in another few minutes.

Improved network security: Most data centers offer state network security art, including applications firewall/IDS fully updated to detect and prevent unauthorized intrusions into the systems of their clients. 

They employ qualified technical personnel with certifications like CCNA and MCSE to monitor the networks 24X7 and alert clients of any potential trouble.

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