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A Guide To Understanding Jewelry Appraisal

A jewelry valuation or appraisal is a document provided by a high end jeweler, describing the item and its value when insured. This should be able to fully describe the item, starting from its weight, color, clarity, to the metals it is made from. In this article, you will understand more what a jewelry appraisal in San Diego means.

Why do you need one. Retailers may give you such document when you are purchasing a jewelry for insurance purposes. This document is required by insurance companies to be renewed at least twice a year since the price of jewelries changes regularly. This will also serve as your proof that you are the owner of the diamond in case it gets stolen or lost.

Most valuation companies will ask you whether you have the document in order for them to provide you an accurate value. As mentioned earlier, you will find here the characteristics of your diamond like the weight, color, and grading clarity. This information may not be accurate, but this will act as your guide in order for appraisers to have an idea about the value of your item.

When selling your diamonds, remember that the value that was stated on your document is not the resale value, therefore, you will not be receiving the same figure that was stated when you sell it. That was only the NVR or new replacement value. The value you get when the item is stolen or lost will be calculated through evaluating the parts of components and adding in profit margin.

The appraisal quality varies according to the grade clarity and color given. Different grades have different clarity and color. In most cases, an appraisal would provide a grade that is higher than the one provided by a respected lab. Meaning, different companies have different price offers, so keep your mind open to other prices.

When to get one. Appraisals can cost 100 dollars or just a percentage of its value, but this does not add any value to the jewels. It will only provide you detailed information about the jewelry, like the clarity, weight, and color. With this information, you will be able to obtain how much should your stone be sold.

Buyers who are interested in buying your diamonds will of course take their precautions. This means, they will be asking you to let them see the diamond first before making any offer to you. By looking at your item, they would be able to assess the attributes of your diamonds on their own, aside from simply reading its valuations.

You may still sell your diamonds even when you do not have the valuation. The only problem is, buyers will not be able to give an accurate estimate on how much is the diamond worth, not until they get to see the diamond themselves. Once you accept their offer, expect to receive the payment from them within twenty four hours.

However, if you decide not to sell it to them, they will simply send back the item to you. There are tons of buyers out there, and you want to make sure that you get the right amount of money for your jewelries. Hence, find a reliable and qualified buyer. Before making transactions with them, ensure that they have the proper licensing first.

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