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How to Make $100 Dollars an Hour From Home?

The simplest way to make $ 100 dollars an hour from home is to learn how to make $ 4 dollars per day. This may sound strange, but let me explain. One of the most obvious things you can observe and state about the internet is that it is a self-service machine. The entire Internet is one big automated machine, in which users interact with web pages and sites that have been produced and completed months or years ago.

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That being the case, one of the features of working online is that there is a passive income opportunity. Say you do the research and come up with a method that will make you only $ 4 dollars per day, but you can expect to make a revenue for the good while to come.

Say you need only an hour to make passive income is, what will you do next is unclear. You will spend a second hour to make a second income stream and observe that you now reap the grand total of $ 8 per day. In some third world countries you can survive on $ 8 per day, but why stop there.

If you decide to apply yourself and spend the next few months spent 1000 hours working on multiple revenue streams you will find you make $ 4000 per day. Now the question is what to do with your new wealth and what to do with yourself all day because you may have to quit your day job for long. To achieve this, you need to be vigilant and to explore the right opportunity. If the figures stack up then go for it.

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