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Observing And Maintaining Water Heaters

Water heater warranties last for many years, and perhaps a decade, but it won't last forever. Proper maintenance of your unit can help you in saving time and money, but sometimes it's easy to forget about until it breaks. Or worse, it ruins your flooring or sets on fire. To get more information about tankless hot water heater repair you can search the browser.

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Here are signs that your water heater needs attention: Does it take longer than usual for the water to get hot? Do you get a consistent temperature throughout your shower? Do you run out of hot water sooner? These are all signs that your water heater isn't working efficiently.Is your electric bill higher? Your unit makes up roughly 15 percent of your electrical bill, so if you see a spike, know that it might need a repair or replacement.

Do you notice rust or a pool of water underneath? If you find either of these, the heater has to be replaced. Observe your water heater closely a couple of times a year. Taking ten minutes to check for those warning signs could save you hundreds, or even thousands. 

Don't operate the unit if it's experienced flood damage. Plumbing should always be replaced, not repaired, after a flood. Warranties void after a flood, so you will need to contact your insurance for coverage.

Inspect and replace the anode. Most people have never heard of an anode, even if it's an important part of extending the life of a water heater. An anode is an aluminum or magnesium rod wrapped around a steel core wire. You can locate the anode screwed into the top of the tank. If you can see the bare core wire, then it's beyond time to replace!

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