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About 200 Series Rear Bar

The series rear bar was specifically designed for your vehicle and is integrated with the original tow bar. A sleek and practical accessory to this 200 Series, the bar is designed with modern curves that match the contemporary look of the vehicle.

It also includes mounting kits for ARB or other mudflaps from the aftermarket. Included are two Hi-Lift jacking spots and reflectors. You can also get more information about Harrop E Locker REAR via online. 

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The rear bar protects the vulnerable rear panels of the vehicle and is able to incorporate a powerful towing system, or even integrate into your factory's towing systems.

Owners can remove the spare tire from either a back door mounting or underneath the vehicle, the wheels can be adjusted in order to fit various rim offsets and sizes as well as larger tire diameters. Moving the spare wheel under the vehicle will permit the installation of long-range tanks for fuel or other water or fuel can be stored with an optional Jerry container holder.

Flexible enough to meet the needs of each individual The rear bar can be customized with either left or right-hand swing away wheel carriers and jerry can holders that are suitable for twin, single or even a combination of configurations.

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