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Choose A Ghillie Costume For Your Child Wisely

Today, kids can wear ghillie costumes for many reasons: hunting, bird watching, paintball or airsoft, home theater, even as Halloween costumes. It only takes a few minutes to find a website that offers kids ghillie costumes, because of the variety of costumes on the market. 

If your kid is new to paintball then get redirected here to book your appointment at Paintball USA. While buying a paintball costume it's not just a matter of the size and color that suits your child. Also consider the following factors:-

Pin on Camo and Things

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1. Basic camouflage – getting the costume in the first place really depends on your goals. If you are going hunting, playing paintball, or anything else that requires real camouflage with your child, you should choose a suit that suits the terrain of that environment. For Halloween parties or other fun activities, of course you can get anything you want.

2. Light weight – the average Gili suit can be quite heavy, even for adults. In addition, the inside of the adult gill suit can heat up to 120°F during use. It's important that children have enough light supplies to stay cool and comfortable even when they are walking around or crawling on the floor. After all, Milsim sports can be fast and wild and you can rest assured that your kids will do their part.

3.Waterproof – it fits light ghillie suits for kids. When water is absorbed into the ghillie suit, it can make it more difficult for your child to do so. Outdoors, you have to deal with rain, puddles, rivers, canals, lakes, and even the morning dew. The waterproof suit protects the wearer from moisture, is easier to clean and protects your child from disease.

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