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Size Conversion When Buying Plus Size Lingerie

Just as in America, the option to buy plus size lingerie in Europe, Canada, and Australia can be equally limiting. With local shopping options are few and far between, an alternative option to buy plus size lingerie is online shopping. Do not let the fact that the sites of your favorite plus size lingerie may be located in the United States keep you from making a purchase.

standard sizes ranging widely from country to country. Your British clothing sizes, for example, will not be the same as your US clothing size. Keep this in mind when shopping website located in another country that you live in. You can navigate for acquiring more information about plus size lingerie.

Size chart on plus size lingerie site located in the United States will base their measurement in inches. Most countries outside the United States currently use centimeter measure. It's easy to convert your measurements to inches so that you can better find your size in the size of the American charts.

Take measurements of your body, converting measurements into inches and keeps a record of your measurements handy so you will have them available when you have an idea to start shopping for plus size lingerie online. You will always know what size to buy by simply comparing the size of your converted body to chart the size of each shop online before buying.

If you live in England, change your dress size to a US dress size simple. Take your dress size and subtract 2 from that number. It will be your US dress size. For example, if your UK dress size is a size 24 from a dress size 22 US you will measure.

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