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Thumb Sucking: How To Overcome This Habit?

Thumb sucking is not an unusual activity of a child. This is a very common procedure that almost all children do. Thumb sucking can be considered very normal from two to three years of age. If the habit continues after this age period, it can prove to be the cause of infection and embarrassment for parents in public.

By the way, it is found that the common cause of thumb sucking is that the baby is thirsty or sleepy. This habit disappears over time in most cases. Many parents are concerned that this habit may cause dental disorders. This can be possible but only if the child is very used to sucking the thumb. You can also get to know how to quit finger sucking by visiting the Amazon Australia website.

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Thumb sucking can sometimes cause dental problems such as pushing the teeth outward. If the baby's thumb sucking continues for a long time, the child may have pronunciation problems.

Parents try to eliminate this habit by applying some bitter material over the thumb but practically have no effect. These days’ medical graded plastics are available to prevent the baby from sucking the thumb. It may be surprising to know that some babies start sucking their thumbs or fingers before birth, which happens in their mother's womb.

Usually, the baby can stop sucking the thumb for 6-7 months after birth. But by this some children develop it as a habit. Some do this as a sign of soothing themselves while some may try to make comfortable.

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