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Factors To Consider In Choosing Your Car’s Paint Color

Car exterior paints can be oil or water based, which is commonly called latex. It dries faster, cleans with soap and water and is very durable. An interesting property is the ability to expand and contract with meteorological changes.

 However, it cannot be applied to surfaces that have already been painted with oil paint because it will blister when it dries. Oil paints, on the other hand, don't expand or wrinkle, cover well, but take longer to dry.

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Dark colors like black are easy to get scratched and dirty but look elegant, while light colors like white hide scratches and dirt but look too ordinary. Now that we understand this, let's look at the most important factors to consider as such an option goes beyond your favorite color.

You may like a bright color like green, but that won't help your BMW. The same is true of whitewashed sports cars. Some colors also match certain vehicles, such as red for Ferrari and yellow for Lamborghini and this shows their theme perfectly.

Therefore, when choosing the color of your car, make sure you set the style appropriately. Some car designs have official themes such as Mercedes, others like Subaru's trend towards sports, while Chevrolet addresses both goals. Different colors correspond to different classes and this is an important factor to consider.

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