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Golden Rules for Identifying the Best Cloud ERP System

How should organizations deal with obstacles that might stand in their way? Is there a different cloud ERP solution out there that can solve this problem? Here are some golden rules to help you make the right choice.

1. Make sure you know the goals and objectives of the organization and write them down. This is important before looking for the integrated cloud ERP solutions via OneBusiness because you don't want to cloud your judgment. Once you have clearly defined these goals, you will need to create a short list of suppliers or organize demonstrations.

2. When planning your goals, set a time frame for the organization to achieve the goals. If the project is too complex, implementation can take months or even years.

3. Make sure you have a long term relationship with your service provider, as most ERP projects take several months.

4. The document, which is best described in terms of "vision", will help build support for this implementation effort.

ERP system implementation is not an easy task. A decision on a solution should be made with the vendor after ensuring the best fit taking into account the various issues that may arise during the implementation phase. 

Once this is done, various change management processes should be used to achieve the expected benefits. The ERP system starts displaying results after all activities are completed and the results can be measured after commissioning. It can take months or years to show good results.

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