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Dispute Resolution Systems And Its Types

Dispute Resolution Systems (DRS) is a general term used to identify ways of resolving disputes outside of court, for example through mediation or arbitration. The DRS program is becoming increasingly important today as parties and the judiciary are now trying to find a DRS program that removes them from the traditional legal system and resolves their disputes quickly and cheaply. 

The DRS represents a serious effort to create workable and equitable alternatives to traditional civil disputes. There are some companies that provide resolution services, You can get more information about the best dispute resolution services via

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Types of dispute resolution systems

The dispute resolution process is divided into two main types:

1. Arbitration is like litigation or arbitration in which a judge, jury, or arbitrator determines the result.

 Consensus processes such as customary law, mediation, reconciliation, or negotiation where the parties wish to reach an agreement.

Not all disputes, even with qualified intervention, end in resolution. The unresolved dispute forms a special area in dispute resolution studies.

Dispute resolution in international trade: negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and legal action

2. Mediation – In mediation, a neutral third party supports the disputing parties in negotiating mutually acceptable agreements. The mediator does not make decisions but helps the disputing parties to reach an agreement by resolving problems through persuasion and other conflict resolution strategies. 

  • Negotiation – This is direct negotiation between two disputing parties when they try to resolve a dispute without the other party's interference. Many real estate agents use this form of DRS without even knowing it. 

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