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Christian Church: How It Has Grown and Changed

Is there really a Christian church? This is not true anymore. There are more than 1,500 recognized Christian denominations. Are you a member of a Christian church or not, you may want to know how to actually the single church that Jesus Christ organized when he was on earth have become so many different religions with so many different doctrines and theology.

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Why did the Christian church change over time? Jesus Christ established the Christian church when he was on earth. He called apostles and gave them instructions on how it should be run. He gave one man, Simon Peter, the authority to lead the church.

They mostly preaching to and teaching the Jews because that is where they live. They are Jews. But the Jews largely rejected Jesus and his message into the long-awaited Messiah. They crucified him. After he was crucified Christian church of the apostles continued to teach the gospel to the Jews.

Later, a man named Saul (later changed to Paul) has been converted into a Christian church and begins to teach the gospel to the Gentiles (those not of the Jewish religion.) Then at the beginning of 1500 began to question the doctrine and practice of the Catholic Church-that church members could not read or interpret their own scriptures.

The priest is the only one allowed to do this. Some also questioned the method of baptism, the sprinkling baby. They felt that it should be an adult baptism by immersion as Jesus Christ.

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