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Wood As A Building Material

Wood is an organic, anisotropic and hygroscopic material. Its acoustic, thermal, electrical, mechanical, working, aesthetic, etc. properties are very fit to use. It is feasible to build a luxurious house using only wooden material. To know more about wood as a building material, you can contact the nearest wood designer. The following are some advantages of using wood.

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Acoustic properties:

Wood is a lightweight stuff and is not very suitable for acoustic insulation. But it is perfect for noise absorption. Wood prevents noise and echo by absorbing sound. For this reason, it is widely used in concert halls.

Electrical properties:

As we know wood is a bad conductor of electricity. For measuring the air-dried wood is the same. Electricity is dangerous to human health and wood does not pass the electric current like plastic and rubber material. 

Thermal properties:

As we know, many, materials change size and volume as the temperature changes. They evolve with increasing temperature. The expansion causes a decrease in the strength of materials. 

The wood expansion practically against the heat. Rather, the effect of heat makes it dry and gain strength. 

Mechanical properties:

Although wood is a light material, its strength is quite high. Wood and laminated wood is used in large-gap buildings such as health centers and gyms.

Aesthetic properties:

Wood is a decorative material when it is considered an artistic stuff. Each tree has its own color, design and the smell of the design of a tree does not change depending on the way it is sliced.


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