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Choosing the Right Floor For Your Home

Travertine floor coverings are more popular than ever, a classic travertine of good quality can now be obtained for less than the price of a wooden floor. 

There are, however, different travertine qualities, so the comparator stone is highly recommended. If you are planning for your balcony renovation with stone flooring then it would be best to get ideas from the experts to beautifully renovate the balcony (which is also called ‘ den Balkon wunderschn renovieren ’ in German).

The travertine is the rock between the limestone and the marble in a rock formation and is, therefore, the limestone, but not as hard as the marble.

Different materials are traditionally used for different purposes. Marble or travertine would be much more suitable in high traffic areas such as the corporate lobby or kitchen room or room.

While limestone could be more suitable for a bathroom because it does not wear so much wear.

When you decide what style of stone you want in your kitchen, you will want to make sure that the floor and work plans are complimentary. 

Get all your stone from the same source also guarantees that all your stone is consistent in terms of color and detail.

Marble tiles are generally more expensive than travertine because it is more difficult to polish and cut the stone. 

If you do not like the appearance of travertine or the price of marble, then limestone would be an interesting consideration. 

It is available in lighter and creamy colors and although to be softer, it's still very hard. The advantage of limestone being softer is that it is easier to cut and so cheaper.


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