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Above Ground Pool Cover Dilemma! What is the Best Winter Cover?

Get ready for a new pool closes for the winter? There is a difference between the cover pool above ground and inground swimming pool and there is a different cover consideration. 

Read on to learn how to not ruin your pool and enjoy a cold storage maintenance-free and the summer opening. I am also in a pool maintenance service. If you're looking for electric automatic pool covers and retractable pool cover, you can browse various online sources.

Here are the things to consider

1. Pool design is important – Above ground pools and the inground pool has some clear differences. The pool above ground is a free-standing, usually shallow and contains all the pipes exposed to a different job with the setup of an inground pool. 

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Both the design of the pool requires you to leave the water in it during the winter closed. With a swimming pool gr above the more important as your hand may collapse with too little water.

2. The level of the water – We mentioned above this. The best rule of thumb is to drain your water right under your skimmer opening. 

This way you can remove the pipe and keep it from the cold. You can drain a little more if you want but not much. Remember, it will be hot and sunny in the spring, you will need to refill the pool and (in my area) of water costs money, so I watch what I throw away.

3. What kind of topsoil Of Pool Covers Do I Use? – It depends on the time of year most and less on personal preference. 

I use a heavy-duty above ground swimming pool cover throughout the year because I like the added benefits remain hot and reduce evaporation. I found my heater to work less if I close my pool, even in the summer after daily use. 

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