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Opt For Effective Email Software Setup That Enhances Client Engagement

Are you looking for a replacement for Outlook Public Folders? Are you delayed moving to 365 because of slow Public Folders performance?

Are large mailboxes stopping you moving to 365? Currently many companies use Microsoft Public Folders for email collaboration which have been available in Microsoft Exchange since Exchange 2003, many of those same organisations are finding it difficult to move to 365 because of the Public Folder performance challenges.

You can get best public folder replacement via They offer an AI-powered mail management solution specifically for Outlook users which solves all of the Public Folder drawbacks while also providing a complete email management solution.

alternative to public folders

We know people don’t file consistently to Public Folders meaning there’s a risk of information getting lost. Effective Mail Manager ensures 80% of your organisation’s email correspondence Is automatically filed inside folders, located in the location of the customer’s choice (both on-premise or to a cloud storage system) and indexed in real-time.

This incredible feature allows every member of your organisation to work seamlessly across devices, locations and teams — letting you share the most up to date communications and documents securely. Every member of the organisation can resolve issues and make informed decisions- without having to move the underlying file or change the infrastructure.

You’re reliant on staff to manually file emails with Public Folders, however people don’t, resulting in inconsistent filing. With effective mail management software, if the email is not auto-filed, then the user is given suggested locations based on previous learned filing behaviour.

Emails filed by one person are shown to be filed for all other recipients (i.e. only requires one person to file for multiple recipients).It is also has the unique feature of a mandatory filing option to give confidence 100% of correspondence is being captured.

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