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Summer Kids Activities At Home

Ah, summer… the best time of year for kids activities because of the days out before them, one after another with lots of time. But then again, lots of time on their hands can also mean bored kids who have run out of ideas.

Here are some summer kids activities ideas to jump-start their little creative brains and get them busy playing again. Note that these summer teens’ activities in Sacramento are a little more involved, to keep them busy longer!

Scavenger hunt

Ask your child to come up with a list of things to find around the house, yard, or neighborhood. Then he/she can invite some friends over to go on the scavenger hunt.

Invent a recipe

This one may require adult supervision depending on your child's age, but let them invent a cookie, pie, or smoothie. They can then write/print up the recipe all nice and send it out to Grandma. Or they may want to make their cookbook with the new recipe inside.

3 or 5-day summer camp

Camp ideas:

  • Watch Movies
  • Bake Cookies
  • Nature Walks
  • Cheers/cheerleading/tumbling
  • Art Work
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Book Club
  • Sports
  • Board Games

Your child can make flyers about the camp to hand out to the neighborhood kids. They might wish to charge a few dollars to cover the costs of providing snacks during the camp.

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