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Solid Copper Wire For Grounding Purposes

The bare, solid copper wire is mostly used for grounding purposes in the cable and wire industry. Some industries also employ larger gauges of bare copper to create artwork or for basket hangers, but this article is geared toward the electrical characteristics and their uses.

Scrapping copper wire has grown quite popular in the last five years, due to the rising demand for all metals being used as commodities. Copper is somewhat more accessible to get your hands on due to its being widely utilized in homes and other construction sites. You can buy 14 gauge strong copper wire easily at

Copper Wire

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Because 24 AWG wire is extremely small, you will not be able to get a good price for 1000 feet. However, If you were to purchase two AWG wires, you could expect to pay about 200 dollars for 1000 feet.

The main characteristics of 24 AWG bare copper wire include that it is characterized by the following characteristics .02 inch diameter outside, a .577 carrying current, and 29.2 fused currents. 

If you're contemplating whether you hold pure copper at the moment, you'll notice it's the color of brass. It could be single or multiple strands that are weaved together to create an AWG size. 

There are a variety of wires, but they all start with a solid piece of copper. Amperage and voltage are the two reasons for which insulation will be required, in addition to weather and environmental conditions that copper wire will require protection from. There's a variety of types of insulation, ranging from low to extremely expensive that permit you to use your copper for the purpose you require it for.

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