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Nail Polishes Have Come A Long Way

Nail polish is a common beauty product that women use. They will often spend more than twenty dollars on a bottle and have more than ten colors. It is interesting to note that although most women use nail polish, very few people know the origins of this product or how it got so popular. If you want to buy nail polish packs, you can visit

People first used paint to decorate fingernails. This was when the Incas decorated their fingernails using pictures of eagles. Nail decor was used to show status. The Inca tribe also painted images of many gods on their fingernails, including the sun. This practice may have been a part of their culture for as long as 4,000 years.

The Henna plant was responsible for the coloring. It was applied to the fingernails and left a brownish or reddish stain. The color of the fingernail was a sign of social status in some societies. Red was more popular in the upper classes, while white was only for the lower classes.

Nail polish faced a lot of resistance during the roaring twenties and for many decades thereafter, especially from advocates for African American rights. Many women of color found the use of color on their fingernails offensive. 

Most women say they use nail polish, are willing to spend up to twenty dollars for a bottle of the stuff, and have more than ten nail polish colors in their beauty repertoire. The interesting thing is, that while most women use a polish, few know where it originated from or how it became so popular.

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