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How To Clean A Walk In Freezer

Maintaining your commercial walk-in freezer makes great business sense. Freezer units which are well preserved run better and provide added security for those workers using them. 

Follow the steps below to understand how to properly wash a  commerical freezer  and also prevent a costly collapse at your facility.

commercial case cleaning

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Instructions to Clean a Walk-In Freezer

-Collect all necessary materials and cleaning options.

-Use a stiff bristle brush to loosen dust and dirt from inside fan units. Vacuum to eliminate lingering debris.

-Sweep or vacuum the floor of any loose debris.

-Utilizing microfiber or alternative cleaning materials, wipe the inside of your walk-in freezer with freezer cleaner. This cleaner is ready-to-use and melts ice buildup on freezer walls, shelving units, and flooring without freezing.

-Wipe all door gaskets with sterile freeze, taking care to eliminate any mold or mildew.

-Clean outside evaporator and condenser coils and fan units with coil cleaner, to remove added soils, oxidation, and dirt. This may improve airflow and produce your unit run more effectively. 

Regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance will help save you money in the future and allow you to slip through any issues that might come up. You can also hire a qualified commercial refrigerator service company which provides a personalized care plan for your system.

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