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How Do Lenses In VR Goggles Work?

Super advanced VR goggles like the HTC Vive Pro or the Oculus Rift S may be very popular nowadays. With an array of movement and positioning sensors complemented by intuitive handheld controllers, these devices have set the standard for modern VR goggles.

One of the VR glasses that hasn't changed much since the early days of cardboard is the lenses. What makes VR lenses so special, and how do they work? Are there different types of lenses and which one is better?

To understand why lenses are such an important part of VR lenses, we first need to understand how our eyes work. We see objects through the light rays that reflect them. You can also check out the best Oculus Quest 1 & Rift S prescription lenses online.

These light rays are received by our eyes, and the way our eyes receive these light rays and convey this information to our brain, we perceive the shape, size, color, texture and location of any object.

With so much visual information around us, our eyes have the unique ability to "focus" on one object at a time. This is possible thanks to a set of lenses in our eyes that are located directly behind the pupil.

These lenses receive light rays from different directions and focus them on a point at the back of our eyes. As with a camera lens, focusing on a close subject can blur objects in the distance and vice versa.

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