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Hire an Expert for Air Conditioning Installation

We are all familiar with air conditioning units, at least as far as use of use. Over time, they become easier and easier to operate. Many come with thermostats that adjust everything for you to maintain the most comfortable temperature. The following are steps for installation: location selection, installation of units, cable connections and pipes, and final steps testing. You can find out the air conditioning installation contractor at

Location Selection

For indoor units, make sure there are no obstacles for the surrounding installation. Ideally, the unit must be installed in two meters above the floor, and without saying the location must allow good air circulation, meaning, the vent must not be positioned strictly for anything that can block the air flow throughout the room.

For outdoor units, bases and housing must be installed safely on the level surface. There are no plants or animals that must be positioned nearby, because the heat originating from the condenser will affect this. 


The outdoor unit must be determined strongly on the cement base. It becomes increasingly important when you go higher, because strong winds in high altitude physically can move base and air conditioning and cause damage to your unit, not to mention increasing the risk of accidents. 

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