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Electronic Sow Feeding System For Pig Producers

Electronic pig feeding (ESF) is essential to animal management and productivity.. The use of ESF is discussed to avoid costs and losses. The ESF system offers multiple feeding grounds for sows. 

The sows are fed one by one with the automatic feeder. After the pig is fed, it is identified by its food label. To get more information about the comparison of electronic sow feeders visit

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The automatic feeder puts a certain amount of food into the food bowl. While the pigs are being fed, the entrance gate is locked. The gate is locked to prevent other sows from entering the feed trough.

The ESF system built by Big Dutchman is an essential piece of equipment on many farms. Small pig farms can increase their productivity with ESF’s Call-Inn system. The Call-Inn is also used by a large number of hog producers. Compared to other ESF systems, Call-Inn achieves a cost efficiency of around 25%.

Farm managers have been using Call-Inn to support sows. Managers keep sows in a fixed group feeding system, which increases farm productivity. The Call-Inn also has an automatic counter that measures the number of pigs at the station. 

In addition, the meter also measures the amount of feed distributed to each pig. The Call-Inn has an electro-pneumatically actuated measuring mechanism. The mechanism significantly reduces the number of electronic components.

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