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Cleaning Your Home After Sale

The process of preparing a house for sale can be very stressful and time-consuming. After a home is sold, many people are unsure what steps to take before moving in with a new owner. People are often unsure of the condition of their homes and their legal obligations to new buyers.

Although some contracts require that the house be "cleaned" prior to moving, many sales contracts may not contain language about keeping the house clean after it is sold. However, the usual courtesy usually suggests that the former owner should try to leave the house as clean as possible for the new owner. An owner also hires move-out cleaning services to clean the home. There are many companies in Melbourne that provide services of the best move out cleaning in Melbourne via

At a minimum, former owners should remove all furniture from the home, clean attics and closets, and carry all yard furniture with them when they move. Standard cleaning often includes:

o Dry cleaning carpet or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and grime

o Kitchen and bathroom floors are cleaned

o Tables and sinks that have been cleaned

o Replaced light bulbs

o Cleaned kitchen utensils

o The garage is swept and cleaned of dirt

o Keys have been changed or all keys have been given to the buyer

o Grass, mowed and fenced

Sometimes the broker pays when a professional team is cleaning the house to help with the sales process. Cleaning the house before it is exposed to the public often adds to the overall appeal of the home and can save the home owner time after the sale is complete.

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