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Choices and Options for Custom Shirt Design and Production

So you have been given the task of coming up with a plan custom shirt for your charity event next rotary club. You have a budget to work with and you want to get the best bang for your money as you can.

What are your options and choices, because it can be confusing at times? One of the places has minimum order requirements and charging a certain amount depending on how many colors in the design. However, other places do not have a minimum cost and will do any number of colors but the shirt fabric to be certain colors. You can find custom made shirts printing from various online sources.

New technologies

The advent of digital printing technology has changed the way that many people now have their custom shirts made. It serves as a digital printer whether it is printed on paper, not just paper; it is printed on the fabric.

COWBOYS design.jpg

Benefits of Silk Screen

So silk screening has eliminated all together? The answer that question is no. Silk screening still has a place and there are some things that can be done by screen printing cannot be done with digital printers.

During light color fabrics Dark

Also, digital printers require a special type of thin ink to function well in a soft mechanism. This thin ink weakness is that it tends to fade quicker than silk screen ink and does not cover the darker fabrics and thick silk screening ink.

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