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Currently, the Korea Institute for Mental Culture has continuously updated and supplemented information for 10 years since the publication of this booklet. As a result, ENCYKOREA added dozens of new items (over 6,000 items), while dozens of experts refined and refined the text for easy viewing by the general public. It’s not just augmenting existing content, it’s writing from scratch. The upgraded Korean National Encyclopedia is reborn as ENCYKOREA, not as a paper book but as a multimedia database to keep pace with the changing user environment in the 21st century.

ENCYKOREA develops a multimedia database based on the know-how of digital database development technology related to Korean Studies.ENCYKOREA is a multimedia digital database that can maximize the user’s utilization incomparably with fixed text-oriented paper books. Maximize the benefits of a digital database by storing a wealth of high-quality photos, videos, sounds, and animations beyond the limits of traditional booklets.

There are many encyclopedias. There are encyclopedias that speak of the world’s standards of knowledge and that they are the center of knowledge. But did you know that these encyclopedias are looking for the Korean National Encyclopedia when they want to get information about Korea? Already not only academic researchers but also experts from various fields, such as authors, journalists, and copywriters who produce content in our society, we are always using the Korean National Encyclopedia as a companion to our research and work.

ENCYKOREA does not list only fragmentary knowledge like any encyclopedia. The information listed without relevance does not increase the creative thinking ability to grow children and does not achieve high learning effects. When ENCYKOREA finds one item, it expands the organic thinking ability by spreading them wide and deep information researched by scholars from all walks of life. It is also an essential encyclopedia for Koreans and people who want to know Korea because it contains the unique emotions and thoughts of Koreans that cannot tell any encyclopedia of the world such as laughter, love, Korea, and death.

ENCYKOREA categorizes Korean culture into three major areas: general culture, external culture, and internal culture.The general culture describes the nation, geographic space, and history in general, while the external culture describes the appearance of the national culture, such as nature, life, and society. Inner culture, a description of thought, language, and art, describes the splendid cultural heritage and spiritual world of our people. These three areas are divided into nine sectors and 54 sub-ranges, recording a total of 90,000 items for all Koreans.

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