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A Reef Tank That Almost Runs Itself!

A new revolution in the aquarium industry is here! The aquarium looks as natural and beautiful as this world has to offer but it is all run by a small concealed onboard computer. This magnificent 1000lt system is totally computer-controlled, using various probes, timers, and an onboard computer with a full LCD screen that will interface with your home computer.

All of the equipment is tucked away in the cabinet below so nothing is in the tank to detract from the beauty of the animals that inhabit it. If you are looking for the best Red sea reefer 250 deluxe aquarium – 54 gallon (black) then you can visit online resources.

red sea reefer 250 deluxe

The fish and coral in this aquarium thrive, grow and propagate as they would in the wild. For starters, the 4 blue T5 actinic lights will fade on one at a time from 2% to 100% to simulate dawn. Then the 250w 140000 Kelvin metal halides will fade one at a time until all 3 are at full capacity which will simulate the middle of the day.

During the day several of the 7 globes will systematically fade on and off to simulate clouds going overhead. Then the lights will all fade out in the same fashion that they came on to simulate the sun going down at night. Once it is the night a moonlight will come on allowing you the correct light to marvel at your reef as it would be at night in the wild.

The moonlight can be pre-set for natural lunar cycles which are even able to stimulate the coral to be triggered to mass spawn, in the aquarium just as they do on the reefs of the world at a particular time of the year. The lighting system alone is worth almost $10000 and is fully controlled by its own onboard computer with a digital LED display screen.

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