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3 Rules To Picking Loungewear To Suit Your Lifestyle

A woman stands up and puts on her business suit and pumps before heading to work. When she gets home, she grabs her business suit and pumps and quickly replaces them with loungewear that is more comfortable, less restrictive, and less binding. 

Rule No. 1 – Be comfortable with loungewear from The Harwynne Collection.

It's not going to make you feel comfortable sitting in tight, tight jeans while you lounge around. Comfort is key. Comfortable in how it feels and comfortable with your appearance are key. You want to feel comfortable in all situations, not just the ones mentioned.

Rule No. 2 – Choose something that makes your skin look and feel as good as it feels.

Some people like to look attractive while lounging at home. Some prefer to be fully covered while others prefer to be wrapped in something. You don't have to look scrupulous if you need to get out of the house or have an unexpected visitor.

Rule No. 3 – Do not be cheap when you pick your lounge clothes.

These clothes will be your most frequently used wardrobe items. These clothes will be your most used wardrobe pieces. Don't hesitate to spend a little more on them. You may need to entertain. 

Run out of your house and greet someone unexpectedly. Check the mailbox. These clothes could get more attention than the $300 beautiful dress that you bought last year and is still in your closet with tags attached. Do the math. Do you think this purchase is worth it?

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